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Brainball Cup - update

Update Time!!! (i know, it s been a while)
So, on the 21st of april we played the second leg of the Brainball CUP. As Senne had to work, Nico was kind enough to fill in his spot.
First game against area 23 was lost 0-2, we came back with a strong 2-0 win against Force and finished it of with a 2-0 win against Bad Wolf 2.
Going into the final 8 brackets we took a strong stand against Brussels Apocalypses (Millennium Div.3 winners) and lost with a close 2-3. After that we took a 3-1 win against Colorball and closed off the day with a 2-3 loss against Apocalypses 666.
After a long day of playing in beautiful weather, Brian having some gun problems, pulling allot of 141s and having a great time as always, we took 6th place.
This puts us in 4th place overall, with just 8 points behind to make it onto the podium…

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